Prophetic Spiritual Warfare
Modern day exodus out of spiritual Babylon

Modern day exodus out of spiritual Babylon

November 23, 2020

God gave His people more details of how their flight from modern day Babylon will look like. 

I believe that there are important details that God puts in the vision. Listen through if you have the time and store it at the back of your mind as spiritual meat in the larder.

One day if you come across these happening in real life, it may bring your much needed comfort and possible nuggets of info that may save your lives. 

Be a Spiritual Prepper today! Topics covered: 

1. Season and Time 

2. Luggage - what to carry 

3. Types of attack:

(a) Drones (b) Spiritual EMP (c) Demonic foot soldiers  (d) Terrain (e) Blackmail & Trickery (f) Betrayal


#16 How to bring the prodigals back

#16 How to bring the prodigals back

November 20, 2020

Understand how the prodigals hurt you and attack you because you are a child of God. 

God shows the state and condition that the prodigals are in. Locked up in a tiny dark jail cell, hidden away in the deep maze of dungeons, guarded by demons. 

The demons have kidnapped the prodigals away hoping that no one would find them again because they are possessive of owning humans as bounty objects. 


14. If you do not contend (fight), you will not have anything at all

14. If you do not contend (fight), you will not have anything at all

November 20, 2020

God told me to tell the people, "From now on, if you do not contend (meaning fight for it), you will not have anything at all..." 

It was as if we are in a new season, a shift occurred. Since God said that, 

I teach the people how to fight in the spiritual realm for the things they ask from God. Listen carefully as every part must be fulfilled, none can be omitted otherwise it will not work:


1. Confirm approval/ endorsement/ go ahead from God

2. Content (fight) until victory

Fighting is in the spiritual not physical. 

Learn how to fight to translate the spiritual into the physical manifestation so you go from "yes" from God to have it in your hands. 

Jesus is silent. “I know your hearts are broken.”

Jesus is silent. “I know your hearts are broken.”

November 17, 2020

Yeshua is silent today so I just stay beside Him. 

He is looking over His people. I know He is concerned about them but He doesn't speak.

"I know your hearts are broken." 

I hear the cries of the people reverberate, "Justice! Justice! We want justice!" 

I try to teach the people about active wait. And what Jesus means when He stays silent. 



13. Repent of the spirit of murder

13. Repent of the spirit of murder

November 16, 2020

In heaven, God has a nursery that He takes in babies who were aborted by their parents. As these babies did not have a chance to grow up on earth and choose whether they accept Christ as their Messiah, God has graciously accepted aborted babies into the kingdom of God in heaven. He allowed them to grow up in heaven. 

The spirit of Athaliah gain access through sufficient blood sacrifices that paid homage to her and pushed her ascension as stronghold over the land. 

For your own protection, you have to do as Noah did, break agreement with sins committed by the people and dis-vow to satan the accuser that you are not one of them complicit. 


Season of discipline: Angels with thorn bushes

Season of discipline: Angels with thorn bushes

November 14, 2020

We are moving into God's season of discipline for His church and punishment for the proudly wicked in the world. 

I see angels with thorn bushes in each hand dispatched from heaven by God, to go after His prodigals. 


Murderous acts committed against the land

Murderous acts committed against the land

November 13, 2020

Part Two: The Lord continues to show me the progress of Athaliah, the demonic stronghold over the land.

Warning: This is a hard word from the Lord, horrific in its symbolism. 

I saw a great country broken up into pieces and devoured by her with  bloodthirstiness. 

I saw her commit murderous acts on Lady Liberty. 


Cross reference: 

Part One Athaliah Rising 




#15 Activation Diamond Heart, sealed with Holy Spirit wine

#15 Activation Diamond Heart, sealed with Holy Spirit wine

November 13, 2020

Falling under the anointing of the Holy Spirit


God talks about 

1. Who are the remnant?

2. How do we identify those who belong to the kingdom of God to maximize our witnessing for Christ in the shortest amount of time? 

3. How the anointing is transferred from the Holy Spirit to God's people through material



#14 Petty Attacks

#14 Petty Attacks

November 11, 2020

There's a fog of lethargy and petty distractions that the devil has put as a global assignment over the masses these days. 

The reason is to incapacitate us to become useless bodies when we should be in the thick of spiritual warfare at this time. 

Be aware that it's a spiritual attack on your energy levels, your feeling tired even after you have rested and having no energy, immobilized to fight spiritually. 

The other petty attack is in the form of distractions and a cacophony of shrill voices, proclaiming confusing prophecies that contradict, creating confusion, high emotions etc. Listening to and being bombarded by these constant distractions depletes your energy, and makes you feel disoriented and dissatisfied. You can't seem to find or tell the right direction, much less take up your sword to discern where is the spiritual enemy and fight him effectively. 


12. But I don’t want to go into the wilderness!

12. But I don’t want to go into the wilderness!

November 10, 2020

None of us like to hear that God wants to lead us into the wilderness, like He led the Israelites out of Egypt into the desert. 

But God is determined. When He wants to lead His people into the wilderness, it is because the people are fat and lazy, unfit for the high purpose and assignment that God has for His people. 

In the wilderness you will feel afraid and disoriented at first, in the unfamiliar environment. You may even loathe the place and badger God to let you return to the glitzy lights of trendy Egypt. 

But if you persist on, in the wilderness, you will find a peculiar beauty in God. You will lose your flabbiness and over time, become fit and strong, a strong warrior able to thrive and fight in the unpalatable land. What is distasteful to the others becomes wild and beautiful to you as you lean into the Lord and feed on His mercy. 

Through the wilderness you will become extraordinary. You will become strong in Lord and unshakable, man among men and leader among leaders. 

Do not run from the disciplinary hand of the Lord. He is training you to be strong. 


Athaliah Rising

Athaliah Rising

November 9, 2020

The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filth of her sexual immorality. On her forehead a name was written:


I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.

Revelations 17

A red herring and discernment

A red herring and discernment

November 8, 2020

God showed me a red herring... the prize they are after is Christians. 

Christians in A country, be careful. A trap has been set for you. 

Go straight to Jesus and no one else. He is your safety. 




11. A safe shelter from the chaos outside

11. A safe shelter from the chaos outside

November 7, 2020

I saw the external circumstances like an emergency lock down situation, a blood bath. 

I saw each Christian family, peering out at the external from where they were housed in the Rock of Jesus. It was like a little dome shaped room in the Rock of Jesus, lit, safe and warm. 

The family in the safe room was not unaware of what was happening in the world outside, the mayhem. The father or mother peered out from time to time out of the window carved into the Rock of Jesus, solemnly at the blood bath outside. 

Inside the safe house, the family was going about their normal activities, cooking, eating, praying, worshipping God, playing board games, studying. There was some surface stress but overall a peace and joy that permeated their ark atmosphere. 

A warm little room carved into the heart of Jesus. How do you get you and your family to the safe house? 

#13 Holy Pandemonium

#13 Holy Pandemonium

November 6, 2020

This is the Holy Pandemonium of God, wrought by no one but the hand of God Himself. 

When God stands up to avenge, His justice and discipline causes even the demons to fled away 

Have security in your God, you innocent ones. You repentant ones, who stand in the shadow of the Almighty. 

When His hammer comes down to break the things of the devil, you will stand in His righteousness blood. 

10 Presumptuousness of safety when there is none

10 Presumptuousness of safety when there is none

November 2, 2020

Many Christians are careless in their reading of God's word or understanding the full conditions where God's promises applies to them. 

There are two types of promises in the Bible. One is unconditional and all encompassing, like God's love for humanity and common grace. God makes the solar system shines on the evil man as well as the innocent man. 

Then there are promises that God decrees to give to the elect, promises of abundance, victory or safety for those who overcome. Look carefully at the conditions where these promises can be applied. The devil often knows the bible conditions better than careless Christians as he is the accuser. 

The Bible is truth and light, but only to those who take the time to understand the full conditions of various promises and do them. Do not assume a general understanding of God. It will not work and you may be unpleasantly surprised one day suddenly too late, that what you thought was not what you get. 

Then you blame God but you should not, for it was you yourself who did not read the written instructions carefully. 





#12 God is determined to tear the spirit of trauma off your heart

#12 God is determined to tear the spirit of trauma off your heart

November 1, 2020

God insists that He will not leave your broken hearted desires alone. 

God insists that your heart is important, and for too long, you have shut down your heart's desires, in fact, you have quelled down even what your heart is speaking because you have been traumatized. God showed me that your heart is in a bad way. It is terrified, traumatized, shrunken and impoverished. It is scarcely alive and lurking in a corner, not daring to speak loudly or draw attention to itself, because you have ignored or didn't acknowledge your heart's desires for so long. 

A demonic attack of spirit of trauma has wrapped itself around your heart, refusing to let go, choking you to death. 

God wants to tell your heart that it's ok to have desires. It's ok to have your own desires and it doesn't need to be always about what God wants. God wants you to acknowledge what you want. God is speaking gently to your heart and drawing it out into the open, telling your heart, come into My presence. I will listen to your heart and I am willing to give it what it wants.



God offers the young people a job

God offers the young people a job

October 31, 2020

God has a word for young people of today. If you are between the ages of 13 to 22 years old, God speaks to you today. 

I am surprised that God reached out to them and the content of what He says. He calls them His lost generation and offers them a negotiation. 

If you are a parent or aunt and you know someone in this age group, and you think that this would benefit them, you can forward God's message to them. 



#11 Beware of controlling spirits masquerading as love

#11 Beware of controlling spirits masquerading as love

October 30, 2020

You are reading this today because you are not sure if something is not right.

You think someone loves you but he/ she is overly possessive and you feel stifled, choked by the person.

The person seem so desperate for you that you feel flattered. Perhaps you feel sorry for the person, that you are the only person that he/ she has. 

However something inside doesn't feel quite right. There are huge quarrels then patch ups when the person always begs you to come back. This is a pattern. You're tired of all the drama and confused. You do not have much friends you can confide in. 

God wants to speak to you today and tell you the truth and open your eyes to what is really going on. Run, run for your lives, for an insidious spirit is at work, and you are being groomed as prime prey for the devil. 



9. Dance with all your might

9. Dance with all your might

October 29, 2020

Do you not know how to praise God? I was surprised when some believers ask, they are not quite sure, how to praise God. 

Yay, we have a light hearted topic today!  I am teaching you how to worship and praise God. It's a light hearted podcast but I am going to show you using powerful truths in the Bible how to worship God with abandonment.

Worship God wildly 

The created worship the Creator! 



The start of the long haul

The start of the long haul

October 27, 2020

To the Christian remnant in America, God sends His 

Postcards from Heaven 

I do not know why God asks me to give this message to the America Christian remnant, I do not know this country well other than what we see in news reports. 

What I do know clearly is, that God loves and cares for His remnant in America and their welfare are at the forefront of His mind during this season. That's why He sends many postcards from Heaven to them, to remind them of His love for them.  

The start of the long winter

Separation from Babylon, carry all young and old 

The Lord will lead you into the wilderness, a stiff necked people He loves 


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