Prophetic Spiritual Warfare

No choice but to fight

May 22, 2022

No choice but to fight 


We often live our lives in dangerous presumptuousness

We assume that because we are nominal Christians, all will magically be well with us because God is with us. Have you ever heard of bad things happening to Christians? Why did God allow bad things to happen to Christians? Was it because God is not powerful or worse still God allowed, therefore you accept the bad deal, because you have some misplaced idea that God loves to torment His own, and you attributed the acts of the devil to God’s will for you? And of course thereafter you get frustrated and angry with God, because God’s love towards you is incongruent with the devil’s actions.

Do you think that the devil is twiddling his thumbs, like you, thinking that all will go well, and leaving it to chance? Do you think the devil is preoccupied with the cares of life, like you? 

I have news for you. Even while you are presumptuous and hopeful, the kingdom of darkness is planning and succeeding in strategies against you. In fact, they have for many years, that is why you are where you are today.

Spiritual warfare series lesson 2 handout is here. 

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