Prophetic Spiritual Warfare

Babylon: A Lion with Eagle‘s Wings

November 21, 2021

Do you know what the Bible says about end days prophecies? Do you know what the Bible says about past empires which have come and go, with amazing accuracy and what more the Bible has to say about future events yet to come, perhaps in your lifetime, perhaps in your children's children's lifetime? 

The study of end days prophecies has been fraught with misunderstanding, conspiracy theories or extremism. You are doing none of those. You are sincere, level headed, tempered, educated, well aware of what is happening in the world, productive, supportive to others but you have an inner strength, because of your faith in God and His love for the world. 

Come and discover the bitter sweetness of what God has to say to you who are listening about the end days that will surely come, if not for you, then for your posterity. A fearful times in the sight of man, a wondrous time in the sight of those who see beyond the surface. 

Today's podcast topic: Daniel 7 

  • Four world empires predicted in the book of Daniel 
  • First beast empire depicted: ancient Babylon

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