Prophetic Spiritual Warfare

Bear with 3 ribs hanging out of its mouth

November 21, 2021

A ferocious bear... that will rise up and conquer the world. 

Listen to the Bible's end days prophecies where God revealed to Daniel four great empires that will rise up and impact the world over the course of history. 

The bear is number 2 of the 4 beast empires. Who is the bear and how did God use the bear to impact world history and towards His people? 

Find out from this exciting series on the end days prophecies from the book of Daniel! 

And behold, another beast which was the second, was like a bear, and stood upon the one side: and he had three ribs in his mouth between his teeth, and they said thus unto him, Arise, and devour much flesh. Daniel 7, GNV 

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