Prophetic Spiritual Warfare

How, Who & Why Spiritual Warfare

May 15, 2022

Spiritual Warfare Series Lesson 1

Who is this series for?

  • People who are not aware of spiritual dynamics affecting our world
  • Christians who would like to learn how to protect themselves and their loves ones better
  • Anyone who has a problem that he cannot overcome using logical and practical methods

Contents covered in this episode: 

  1. How do we fight spiritual warfare? 
  2. Who do we fight? 
  3. Why do we fight? 

Have you been plagued by less than stellar results for your life? Do you or your loved ones have problems that you tried but cannot overcome?

It can be any problem ranging from small irritants such as insomnia or migraine, to larger problems such as poverty and addictions. You have tried to resolve them via logical and practical ways but they refuse to go away. 

Have you ever considered that maybe... just maybe... one problem you face today is affected by spiritual dynamics? 

God willing, I hope to share with you understanding of how spiritual warfare can help you to equip yourself for protection and for problem solving. This will be a mini-series. In this episode, we learn what is spiritual warfare and set our context / common understanding so that we can delve in deeper next time. 

Refer to handout as you listen. 



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