Prophetic Spiritual Warfare

Christians, reclaim Dreams interpretation in accordance with the Word of God

August 22, 2021

God speaks to you in Dreams  

Do you know that God speaks to humans through creative ways? Do you know that God speaks to you through reading the Bible, through others, through situations and circumstances, through visions and dreams?  

Psychologists declare that everyone dreams and that humans spend roughly 1/3 of our lives on earth sleeping.  

For too long, Christians have been afraid to touch dreams because spiritualists have taken over dreams and gave their own kooky spin on it.   

In this episode we are going to study the place of dreams in the Bible. There are many Christians and non-Christians in the Bible whom God speaks to through dreams.  

We will also examine the 3 sources of dreams. What do we lose out on if we do not dream or forget all our dreams?   

For those who have constant night trouble e.g. insomnia or nightmares, we will touch on the spiritual dimension of night hours.   

In this end days season why it is important that we avail ourselves of all spiritual tools and resources that God has given us?

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