Prophetic Spiritual Warfare

What is God’s destiny for me?

July 20, 2022

Do you know that your name encodes your destiny? 

If you do not know your destiny in God, what God has ordained for you as your best destiny, you will be able to find clues concerning your identity and destiny in your name. 

We are not talking about divination or fortune telling, but we are demonstrating to you the truth that God loves, He knows you, and He has a best destiny and identity for you, waiting for you to unlock in relationship with Him. 

Discover today your uniqueness and what God really thinks about you. Let's make it harder for God, let's consider your full name, and not only popular names meanings. 

Podcast notes contains practical examples. Welcome to email questions and comments to me. 

Website: VAS Alliance Prophetic Spiritual Warfare 


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