Prophetic Spiritual Warfare

Beast awakens under China

February 6, 2021

Since ancient history, people over the land mass of China worship the beast, the legendary dragon which denotes satan. 

The whore of Babylon sits on a throne like a queen over a submerged America. My interpretation: This denotes the timeline of the demise of America as a world superpower and a future time when China would arise on the world scene. 

The whore of Babylon puts two fingers to her lips and lets out two long shrill whistles that reverberated across the earth, like one would whistle for your pet. The great beast stirs underground and churns the earth over China. It seemed like a beast near the pit of hell was being awakened and churned the earth in an effort to come out of the land. 

In the future end days, there would arise fierce and intense persecution of Christians in this region. 





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