Prophetic Spiritual Warfare
Beast awakens under China

Beast awakens under China

February 6, 2021

Since ancient history, people over the land mass of China worship the beast, the legendary dragon which denotes satan. 

The whore of Babylon sits on a throne like a queen over a submerged America. My interpretation: This denotes the timeline of the demise of America as a world superpower and a future time when China would arise on the world scene. 

The whore of Babylon puts two fingers to her lips and lets out two long shrill whistles that reverberated across the earth, like one would whistle for your pet. The great beast stirs underground and churns the earth over China. It seemed like a beast near the pit of hell was being awakened and churned the earth in an effort to come out of the land. 

In the future end days, there would arise fierce and intense persecution of Christians in this region. 





Singapore like a Christmas tree ornament

Singapore like a Christmas tree ornament

January 19, 2021

Singapore, you want to be first world and admired. 

But God wouldn't flatter you like others do because He is not pleased with your pride and materialism. 

Because of your love for flattery and cowardice, you are susceptible to deceit and undiscerning of the vipers that have already arrived in your backyard. 

The Fate of America

The Fate of America

January 10, 2021

The Fate of America... an unrecognizable land

Draw near to God, you remnant 

In this podcast, we explore... Is this the end of America as we know it?

  • Changed name
  • Changed topography
  • Unrecognizable as the old America 

There arise a remnant shattered and dispersed by the enemy into different groups - not afraid to die, rejoice in imprisonment, escape & set up safe houses

For full resources refer to Spiritual Prophetic Warfare by VAS Alliance


Malaysia: Imprisoned to Liberators

Malaysia: Imprisoned to Liberators

December 9, 2020

God continues to give me His nationalistic visions. 

In this vision of Malaysia, I saw 

Demonic stronghold of the land symbolised by minotaur

M for Malaysia, M for minotaur, M covered with the blood of Jesus, burning

Christians in land oppressed, imprisoned, marginalized, loss of voice 

God's army warriors streaming in from neighboring countries: Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand as Liberators

Local Christians' tongues catch on fire, spreading fire 

Oppressed becomes Oppressor of evil 

Malaysia export Evangelism in End Days 

The war room of God

The war room of God

December 6, 2020

In the last weeks, God is shifting the visions He gives me to nations assignments. I understand that this is part of the Holy Spirit movement to His global church to prepare the true body of Christ, the remnant, for the battles in the end days.

In this podcast, I was allowed to enter the war room of God in heaven and observe what was happening. 

I was amazed at the thoroughness of the well preparation that God has been undertaking for us all these time. I saw that the region was divided into districts. I saw the demonic stronghold of each locale, and I saw the corresponding angel that God has assigned over specific nations.

I saw the role that God has assigned for us humans to play in the end days battles and victories, together with God and His angels.

Introduction to Vietnam, a beautiful land of martyrs

Introduction to Vietnam, a beautiful land of martyrs

November 30, 2020

I started a Nationalistic Series to record the prophetic words about nations that the Holy Spirit is giving to His global church today. 

These are nationalistic assignments that the Holy Spirit has for His people in the coming End Days. 


In this vision of Vietnam, the Holy Spirit talks about:

Global revival in midst of persecution 

Farmers overturning farming tools and running with joy to God 

The Killing Fields - Cambodia to Vietnam 

Fields turning red with blood of martyrs

Satanic strongman born in New Zealand, cannibalistic Ogre

Consolidation of apex power in Australia

Future intense persecution and massacre of Christians in Vietnam


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