Prophetic Spiritual Warfare
God Closes One Door

God Closes One Door

January 24, 2021

New Destinations, New Scenery


Joel army on the move

Sound of ambulance – siren, ominous

No mandate to fight in that space

Demons surrounded, eager to repossess

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When God closes one door, He opens another a bigger better one


Be obedient

Luke 1:38 Mary said, "I am the Lord's servant! Let it happen as you have said." And the angel left her.

I saw Jesus cry

I saw Jesus cry

January 3, 2021

During the crossover of new year from 2020 to 2021, while I was relaxing and you were celebrating, I saw Jesus cry. 



Vision of Bride with a Sword

Vision of Bride with a Sword

December 20, 2020

In Sep 2020, God gave me a vision of the body of Christ, the true Church, made up of million of dots, each dot representing a true believer who has overcome, forming the global bride of Christ. 

When the true Church, the bride of Christ arises in the End Days in this way, I saw that a huge, magnificent Sword was given to her to wield with power and authority in her hands. 

The manifestation of the Lion of Judah, the power of the Cross emanated out of her, signifying God's endorsement. It was this that the kingdom of darkness saw and the demonic forces were held at bay, they were cautious to approach because they recognized the power and anointing of the remnant. 

Puzzle pieces that don’t fit

Puzzle pieces that don’t fit

December 13, 2020

An intimate teaching from the Lord Jesus for you and me. Pieces of life that don't fit together. A puzzle picture of ourselves that cannot be completed. Until the Lord burns away the pieces that don't belong. Immediately He will furnish us the correct and excellent piece that fits our life. 

Jesus is silent. “I know your hearts are broken.”

Jesus is silent. “I know your hearts are broken.”

November 17, 2020

Yeshua is silent today so I just stay beside Him. 

He is looking over His people. I know He is concerned about them but He doesn't speak.

"I know your hearts are broken." 

I hear the cries of the people reverberate, "Justice! Justice! We want justice!" 

I try to teach the people about active wait. And what Jesus means when He stays silent. 



Season of discipline: Angels with thorn bushes

Season of discipline: Angels with thorn bushes

November 14, 2020

We are moving into God's season of discipline for His church and punishment for the proudly wicked in the world. 

I see angels with thorn bushes in each hand dispatched from heaven by God, to go after His prodigals. 


A red herring and discernment

A red herring and discernment

November 8, 2020

God showed me a red herring... the prize they are after is Christians. 

Christians in A country, be careful. A trap has been set for you. 

Go straight to Jesus and no one else. He is your safety. 




God offers the young people a job

God offers the young people a job

October 31, 2020

God has a word for young people of today. If you are between the ages of 13 to 22 years old, God speaks to you today. 

I am surprised that God reached out to them and the content of what He says. He calls them His lost generation and offers them a negotiation. 

If you are a parent or aunt and you know someone in this age group, and you think that this would benefit them, you can forward God's message to them. 



The start of the long haul

The start of the long haul

October 27, 2020

To the Christian remnant in America, God sends His 

Postcards from Heaven 

I do not know why God asks me to give this message to the America Christian remnant, I do not know this country well other than what we see in news reports. 

What I do know clearly is, that God loves and cares for His remnant in America and their welfare are at the forefront of His mind during this season. That's why He sends many postcards from Heaven to them, to remind them of His love for them.  

The start of the long winter

Separation from Babylon, carry all young and old 

The Lord will lead you into the wilderness, a stiff necked people He loves 


Broken and bruised and left to die

Broken and bruised and left to die

October 26, 2020

God says to you, I know who you are… I have seen you. You were broken and bruised by the devil and left to die.

Many passed you by the high ways of life, you called out for help and hoped that someone would see, stop and love you.

You waited for years, for someone to understand you, but no one did. Those who temporarily stop did not satisfy you or took one look at you and pretend not to notice or hastily hurried away.

As you lie by the roadside, you thought that all was lost, now you can only wait to die.


Now let me tell you who will stop for you, who has already stopped for you. He will interrupt His daily routine to tend to you. He understands perfectly all your needs in a way that no one else can. He is powerful God but He loves you with the warmth of a human.

Let Him speak to you directly today, a powerful message for you only. You are the apple of His eye.

Do you want to be the wind?

Do you want to be the wind?

October 24, 2020

God asks me suddenly, "Do you want to be the wind?" 

Without knowing what it means, I answered ''Yes,'' 

The relaxing exchange between God and I, representing a believer, reveals powerful insights about the coming revival, the White Horse Rider in the book of Revelations.

Learn about the foamy waves, lighting speed and ripening golden harvest of souls, prime for the kingdom of God. 

The Holy Spirit is the fire, we are wind.

Blow wind, blow...

Set the earth ablaze with the fire of God


Hanging out with the Lord

Hanging out with the Lord

October 17, 2020

"Come, walk a little way with me..." 

God was especially gentle and conducive today, as He spoke to me and you if you are like me. 

In the gentleness and peacefulness of our Lord Jesus Christ, we felt His power, amazed at how unshakable He is, unfettered by the chaos that is rocking the entire external world. 

Why are you downcast?

Why are you downcast?

October 11, 2020

God has a word for someone. God asks you gently, "Why are you downcast?" He asks you why are you depressed and why you have no hope? 

He wants to tell you of His thoughts and intentions and plans towards you. Plans not to harm you, but His thoughts and plans and strategies for you to turn this around, so that you will not die, but you will survive, and you will live gloriously in Christ. 

From Daily discourse series 

A word for the Remnant in America: Brace for Impact

A word for the Remnant in America: Brace for Impact

October 4, 2020

God gave me an urgent and important call out for the Remnant in America. I heard the Lord say clearly, Tell my few Remnant, 1) Brace for Impact. 2) Prepare to bunker down for the long haul. 

Through the words, you will see God's love, sadness and judgement for this country. You will also get a hint of why this is happening and how this fits into the global plan of the enemy in the end days. 

Remnant in America, God sees you and He spoke about you. This message is for you. 

Hear the Shofar Sound - Daily Discourse with God

Hear the Shofar Sound - Daily Discourse with God

October 3, 2020

God put on my heart a new series, Daily Discourse with God. 

I ask Him, "What do You want to me to say today? To pass a message to whom. Not for myself, but for someone You want to speak to." 

Today God reveals His heart to someone. Someone dear to Him, to whom He speaks. If you are listening, you may be that person that God is addressing. 

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